Job Spotlight: Driver, Bobbi

What do you like the most about transporting individuals to and from GROW?

“I feel like the individuals on my van are like family. I miss them and get concerned when any of them are absent. They bring me such pleasure”.


Job Spotlight: CBDS Program, Karen

Aside from earning a paycheck, what motivates you to come to GROW each morning?

“Now, it is not for the money. I love the relationships that have been formed as each individual is unique. I enjoy teaching individuals to become more independent and watching the outcomes developed. I wake up and look forward to each new day at Grow. The individuals that come to Grow truly make my day special.

How did you get started in this field?

“I got my start working and helping troubled youth. A former co-worker started at Grow and encouraged me to apply. I am so glad I did, I love working for Grow!


Job Spotlight: Day Hab, Sherry

How did you get started in this field?

“Growing up, my neighbor and best friend had a brother with Down’s Syndrome. I did not view or label him as having a disability; he was just Billy. As an adult, I now have two sons who are autistic. I worked as a medical assistant and later at a woman’s shelter. I have a passion for helping people.”

What are some of the positive and enriching qualities GROW has to offer for the individuals and staff?

“GROW is very supportive to all individuals and staff. We all work as a team and is strongly encouraged. The individuals learn an assortment of important life skills. We strive to make sure our individuals are safe and happy. We enrich their lives as much as they enrich ours. I feel blessed to be able to make the individuals feel special and they are.

What do you like the most about GROW?

“Team work from all three programs helping each other out as needed. Most of all, I love seeing how the staff treat all the individuals with respect and dignity.”


Job Spotlight: Driver, Patrick

What do you like most about being a driver for GROW?

“I feel supported at GROW. The group I transport daily are like my friends and family and I treat them as such. I love hearing their stories on the van. Like all of us, they want to feel wanted and to be happy, Grow does that. I love transporting the individuals daily.”


Job Spotlight: Driver, Wally

What do you like most about being a driver?

“The individuals are awesome! The experience has been very rewarding.”