Who We Are

A Brief History

Founded in 1973 as the Randolph Occupational Workshop, the organization began by serving approximately 20 individuals in a former one-room school house.

The organization became GROW (Greater Randolph Occupational Workshop) Associates in 1996. GROW moved several times over the years. 

April 1, 2014 GROW Associates closed its sheltered workshop, placing GROW in the forefront of the state-mandated movement to shift from piece work to fully integrated employment services in the community. GROW accomplished this 15 months before the state mandated deadline of June 2015, making us a widely recognized leader in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

GROW moved to its present location in Randolph in 2013. Today, GROW Associates is known as Grow. While we no longer operate a workshop model, we continue to provide quality services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, age 18 and older, men and women of all backgrounds. Grow’s caring staff foster an individual’s choices, life skills, community integration, and long term employment. 

With an operating budget of over 5 million dollars, Grow provides a wide range of services. These programs include Community-Based Day Supports,  Day Habilitation,  Employment Services, Transition Services as well as Transportation. Grow serves over 200 individuals with disabilities from 24 surrounding communities.

Grow is expanding! The organization gained an additional 25,000 square feet for programming when it purchased its building in 2021. We are in the process of developing the space and expanding our services.

Mission Statement

Equitable participation in society is a fundamental right we all share. By supporting people of all abilities, our commitment is to provide opportunities for growth to each person we serve.

Statement of Belief

GROW Associates, Inc. (Grow) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Guided by the dreams and desires of those we serve, this agency continually strives to assist each person in all aspects of their lives. Individuals have the opportunity to make choices in relation to work, community, recreation, and the beliefs they hold valuable.

Grow supports individuals and respects their right to lead the process of developing personal goals and establishing the necessary supports to achieve desired social, emotional, and work outcomes. Grow  believes that all members of the Grow   community benefit from relationships that are meaningful and strives to foster such relationships with all members of our community. Grow respects each individual and values his/her contributions to the community.

To appropriately meet the ever-changing needs of the people we serve, Grow  recognizes the need to constantly investigate and promote opportunities for growth and expansion.

Grow believes that through attentive listening, equitable and fair interactions, and a true belief in those we serve that we will assist the individuals in our community in attaining their personal goals.

Ready to Make a Change?

We’re hiring! We are looking for people like you to grow our team. If you are looking for a rewarding and creative work environment at a top-ranked organization, contact us!