Employment Services

Employment Services

Teresa first day at work and she loved it. She came back to Grow covered in smiles!


We are proud to announce that on April 1, 2014 GROW Associates closed its sheltered workshop, placing GROW in the forefront of the state-mandated movement to shift from piece work to fully integrated employment services in the community. GROW accomplished this 15 months before the state mandated deadline of June 2015, making us a widely recognized leader in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Our main focus now is to seek employment opportunities in the community to help individuals achieve personal career goals. GROW is a member of the South Shore Collaborative on Employment which meets and shares job leads. We have a team of Case Managers, Job Coaches, Team Leaders, a Director of Employment Services, and a Director of Job Development all collaborating on Person-Centered Planning for each individual seeking outside employment. Once it is established that an individual wants to work in the community, the Employment Team develops a “Positive Personal Profile,” an inventory of all the individual’s interests, skills, and experience relevant to his or her job search, employability, job match, retention and long-range career development. All individuals placed in community employment receive job coaching- intensive at first, but diminishing as the individual masters his or her job.

Our individual independent community employment placement is flourishing, placing individuals in over 30 stores and companies. In addition, GROW has three enclaves working for businesses in the community in integrated settings with a job coach. GROW also has four in-house enclaves. The GROW enclaves consist of a cleaning crew, Bistro, Administration, and a seasonal Landscape crew. All enclaves and independent community jobs are paid minimum wage or higher.

Our Employment Program provides continuous training and support in the spirit of our mission of “providing quality opportunities for each individual”.

Our Employment Services:


Career Evaluations/Assessments: Assessing the occupational skills and interests of each person we serve through “Person-Centered Planning”

In-house Training: Developing the necessary skills to work in the community

  • Job Exploration
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Safety Skills

Enclaves: Work for Businesses in the Community in Integrated Settings; Work for In-House Business Enclaves: Bistro, Cleaning, and Landscaping crews with the support of a job coach.

Saadia recently landed a position as a part-time receptionist for GROW Associates. She is doing a great job on the phone and greeting visitors.

Job Placement: Securing appropriate employment opportunities that best utilize abilities.

Post-Employment Assistance: Facilitating on-going communication between employee and employer; Training, Re-training and Work Accommodations.

Job Coaching Support: Training and on-going supports in order to provide mutual, positive, work experiences.