Based on the current state of affairs of protecting the public health, and from guidance provided by the state, GROW Associates has made the decision to temporarily close for services effective at 5pm today, Monday, March 16th. GROW does not have a firm date to re-open as of now. We are monitoring the Governor’s orders and ask everyone to please continue to check in on our website. We will be in contact with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Department of Disability Services, MassHealth, and monitoring the Center for Disease Control updates.

It is our belief the proactive measures we are taking to help support the health and safety of all the people we serve, their families, employees who serve them, and the communities they belong to is of upmost importance. 

Please continue to follow the Governor’s recommendations for maintaining social distance and avoiding any crowds to help keep everyone safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates through our Website, Facebook Page and Phonevites as the needed.

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Please click here to follow our Facebook page for daily new updates related to COVID-19.


  1. Have you checked any students temperature. It will spread fast if anyone becomes contaminated. I am in the medical field. Is it possible to shut Grow down 2 weeks and deep clean?

    • We suspended operations today for a minimum of a two week time period. We will evaluate once again as March 27th approaches. We have scheduled a full sanitization of the facilities,

      Thank you for your input and questions. We have experienced 0 on site exposures and have had no cases reported to us involving the people we serve or staff,

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