GROW has been following the CDC and governor’s press releases closely. Individuals that are eligible who have received the Pfizer COVID vaccination at least 6 months ago may now receive the booster shot. The CDC strongly recommends getting the booster. GROW will continue to monitor all CDC announcements and releases from the governor and keep families actively informed.

Below is a link to the Walgreens vaccination information and the link to the governor’s press release which includes additional information.

Baker-Polito Administration Provides Update on Pfizer COVID-19 Booster Availability |

2 Comments on “AGENCY UPDATE

  1. Have you checked any students temperature. It will spread fast if anyone becomes contaminated. I am in the medical field. Is it possible to shut Grow down 2 weeks and deep clean?

    • We suspended operations today for a minimum of a two week time period. We will evaluate once again as March 27th approaches. We have scheduled a full sanitization of the facilities,

      Thank you for your input and questions. We have experienced 0 on site exposures and have had no cases reported to us involving the people we serve or staff,

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