Empower Possibilities: Your Support Can Create Opportunities for People Like Melissa

3-Part Series about Melissa & Grow #1

May is about new beginnings and what may be at Grow

At Grow, every day has moments of May in it, as Melissa knows.

Melissa has been participating at Grow for over 20 years, and now she has a new goal:

I would like a job.

Where would you like to work? Hobby Lobby

Why there? The fabrics. I shop there.

What would you do there? Help people out.

Any other places you would like to work? Mary Lou’s, where I get coffee with a friend and a muffin.

What would you do there? Probably do coffee.

Donors like you give Grow’s caring staff the training and materials needed to support Melissa’s goals.

I’m Melissa’s Dad and I’m 73. Grow has been a very wonderful place that Missy has been involved in since High School. I want her to have somewhere to go to keep her busy when I am not here. And she has decided she would like a small job. She will need a job coach, so thank goodness for Grow.

It is OK that Melissa does not yet have a work contract. Grow facilitates that too. Your gift to Grow empowers adults with developmental disabilities.

 Melissa is practicing making meatballs at the Grow Bistro.

She is wearing a headband she sewed at Grow.

3-Part Series About Melissa & Grow #2

What else may be for Melissa?

“Melissa would be very lost if she did not have Grow to guide her. Her life would be filled with emptiness – nothing to occupy her time besides walks in the neighborhood.” – Melissa’s Dad

You know, and her family knows, that Grow is the best choice.

“Melissa enjoys excursions to the library, grocery stores and likes to volunteer at the Salvation Army, Cradles to Crayons and the YMCA. Her case manager is helping her work on her penmanship and math/money skills to help her in job and life settings,” Melissa’s Aunt Diane added, “ We appreciate the written daily summary of her activities in her notebook.”

Your support of Grow makes these experiences possible.

When asked what is her favorite Grow outing? Melissa replied: YMCA. Sometimes I use the arms raise (machine).

Her father commented:

She comes home and tells us and shares her notebook. Since Grow, she is speaking much clearer now and can express what she wants to say.

We asked Melissa a few more questions while she was waiting to sew with Pauline. Why is sewing your favorite activity at Grow? I like making things. Do you have a favorite color? In every color. What do you make? Masks, headbands, scrunchies. Who are they for? Myself. How does it make you feel? Feel happy.

Now that is worth your support.

3-Part Series About Melissa & Grow #3

Your gift empowers what may be in Melissa’s life.

Missy’s father is thankful that “Grow has taken her a long, long way in her development. She likes it too! I have nothing bad to say – think about all the different clients Grow helps bring along!”

To show us that she has been working on her handwriting, Melissa wrote these words:

So we asked her: Where do you feel awesome and cool? Home and here (Grow).

You can empower what may be – Melissa’s aspirations to be hired and every other exciting possibility being pursued through Grow.

Help make every day a What May Be Day!!

p.s. Thank you for fostering joy at Grow.