Event Information:

  • Cost: All events will cost $10.00, which includes transportation and the event itself.
  • Meals: You can either bring your own bagged meal or purchase one on-site for $5.00.
  • Payment: Payment is accepted by Credit Card or Check Only! Checks MUST be made payable to Grow Associates.

Admission/Inclusion Criteria (for ages 22 and above):

  • A need for meaningful community engagement/developing skills to allow for meaningful community engagement.
  • Independent while in the community.
  • Toileting independently.
  • Ability to follow basic directions/instructions.
  • Not a flight risk.

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Safety/Behavior Concerns (e.g., aggression, self-injury, property destruction, elopement, stealing).
  • Individuals who exhibit sexually inappropriate behavior (e.g., disrobing, elopement, stealing).
  • Individuals who require 1:1 staffing ratios.
  • Individuals with significant toileting concerns (as defined by program staff).
  • Individuals with significant medical needs (e.g., seizures that are not medically managed, PRN meds, Pica, non-self-managed diabetes).
  • Individuals with significant feeding issues or restrictive diets.
  • Individuals who require medical support for administering medications.

Note: Individuals will be considered if they can self-administer or have caregivers/GH staff that agree to come to the event to distribute meds.

Availability is limited, so please sign up as soon as possible.


Date Activity Name Description Sign Up
Tuesday, 03/05/24 No After Hours    
Wednesday, 03/06/24 Bowling Night at Timberlanes $10 for a night of bowling fun. Sign Up
Thursday, 03/07/24 Lucky Punch Boxing & Fitness, Norwood $25 for an energizing workout at Lucky Punch. Sign Up
Saturday, 03/08/24 Discover the Boston Aquarium $25 for an aquatic adventure. Sign Up


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